In Loving Memory of Robert Kaplan

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When asked how he would like to be remembered, Kaplan hesitated. “[In Desargues Theorem,] you have a point of view, three … lines, and two triangles, seen from this point of view, thus they are perspective from this point. And if they are perspective from a point, … then they are perspective of a line.” He interrupts himself: “I’m actually answering your question, believe it or not. That (Desargues) theorem has ten points in it: the point of view, the three vertices of the first triangle, the three vertices of the second triangle, … plus the three points where the paired sides meet. … Any one of those ten points can be taken instead as the point of view, and the whole configuration holds again, relabeled. … In other words, each self sees the same configuration, but labels it differently. I am one of those selves, you are another. … So I guess I can only be remembered, or only hope to be remembered, in this way – as I remember others – as other selves.”

Bob touched the lives of so many people of all ages, and his memory continues to live with us all.

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