Tell me and I forget.
Ask me and I discover.

Small, collaborative groups for children of all ages and all backgrounds. Discover mathematics as mathematicians do, starting from nothing but an accessible mystery. Experience mathematics as poetry of the mind.
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What we're all about

Small groups

Mathematics is conversation. Each circle consists of 8 or fewer children and a guide. The children are grouped based on age and experience. 

Accessible mysteries

We let the children’s curiosity loose on a fruitful problem: one that lies just beyond their competence, into which they plunge together, trying different approaches, testing conjectures, inventing terms and techniques – and opening up new conceptual vistas.


The guide steers the conversation as little and unobtrusively as possible. The children, not the guide, are the leaders.


The group comes to life, powered by the different perspectives in the group. Children come up with examples, counter-examples, insights and proofs through conversation with their peers – doing true and deep mathematics the way real mathematicians do.

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How It Works

Global and on-line

Our guides and students come from all over the world. Our on-line circles meet using the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

One hour sessions

Each session is one hour long
(with small game breaks for younger children)

4-10 sessions

Each circle meets for 4-10 sessions, typically once a week. The conversations are linked from session to session, as one long journey.

What we are
Collegial discussion of ideas
Deep mathematics in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere
Forging relationships of mutual respect and encouragement
What we are not
Preparation for tests
Help with math homework
Gaining a competitive edge