Our Team

We have a unique approach to learning. We want kids to discover math for themselves, collegially, by working on an accessible mystery we put in front of them and letting them invent their way together, through error and correction, to insight and then proof. Our classes are not led by instructors who lecture, but by leaders whose role is that of a Sherpa, pointing out possible paths and cliffs — but our kids do the climbing.


Allen didn't discover that math is really about reasoning and creativity, not memorizing formulas, until sophomore year of college, but has been hooked ever since! After majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Math at Iowa State, he worked on robotics in both industry and grad school before orienting his PhD in autonomous systems at MIT towards applying algorithms from robotics to help advance nuclear fusion as an energy source. While math for its own sake is awesome, he especially loves it when deep connections are made from math to science and engineering. It turns out algorithms are just math, and our fundamental understanding of physics is just math too. Perhaps math can control artificial stars and power the world?! He believes that math is fundamentally fun and exciting, but can also be frustrating and painful too and wants to help other people through the sometimes difficult dark valleys to the sunny mathematical beaches where everyone can have fun and do cool things with math.


Anna is a college student pursuing a degree in Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. She takes inspiration from the philosopher Socrates, who once said "The unexplored life is not worth living". Anna strives to explore as much as possible in life, from mathematics to art to fire engineering, and she's excited to share her love of exploration with the students of the Global Math Circle. In her free time, Anna enjoys rock climbing, crafting, and spending time with animals.


Avital is a life-long mathematician, software engineer, and math educator. From a very young age he has been enthralled with the mysteries of mathematics, and how to share that deep experience with everyone around him. After completing a masters degree at age 19 doing research in finite group theory, he shifted focus into software engineering, working as an early engineer at multiple start-up companies. In parallel, he founded The School of Mathematics in Brooklyn, where adults from all background met for Socratic discussions leading to mathematical discoveries. He currently lives in Amsterdam with his three children, and works as a machine learning researcher at Google. He currently leads on-line math discussions and helps with technical infrastructure for Global Math Circle. He believes that intimate on-line discussion groups can be an engine for exposing millions of people to the depths of the mathematical experience that's alive in each and every mind.


Campo is a Mathematician and Colombian professor. He is currently finishing his doctorate at the IMPA (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro). He is very enthusiastic about the dissemination and teaching of mathematics at all levels. After finishing his bachelor and during his masters he has been working on number theory, especially with problems concerning the distribution of prime numbers. He is currently working on interconnecting Economics, Psychology and Mathematics. Campo has extensive experience as a university professor and currently teaches online for the Global Math Circle


Dani begins with this belief: The best mathematicians are children. Their creativity and imagination leave them open to new approaches and the discovery of wonder! Based in Brasilia, Brazil, Dani teaches coding and math in elementary school. Her passion for mathematics, physics, and teaching led her to the Brazilian Math Circle. As a result, she not only leads circles in public schools, but also trains Brazilian teachers to lead math circles. While she plans to return to university to study mathematics, she still finds time to swim, solve mathematical puzzles, and practice jiu-jitsu.


Dyego is a Brazilian Mathematician and Educator. He has always been interested in the problem of teaching about hard and intricate subjects, and how to convey hard ideas in an accessible manner. He was a part of the Brazilian Math Circle, where he met Robert and Ellen Kaplan and learned how to lead a Math Circle both from their example and from personal experience. He has lead several Math Circles with Public School children in Brazil, and lead some discussions with Public School teachers on how to use Math Circle techniques in their classroom. He believes that education becomes more effective and enjoyable when it is based on the deep connections and friendship that forms while sharing a mutual goal, and believes that Math Circles are perfect tools for achieving that.


Hilary is curious about the how and the why in math and in life. A teacher of mathematics among other subjects for a dozen or so years, they always want to get to the root of how people think about a question as much if not more than what the ultimate answer is — the discovery, exploration, and thinking together are always the most fun! Their philosophy is that people of any age and any background can understand even the most complex concepts when given the opportunity to experiment with the right guidance. One of their favorite parts of getting to think about math with new people is to learn new approaches and see different perspectives. Outside of math and teaching related activities, Hilary could be found enjoying a hike by the river or in the woods, making up ridiculous songs to narrate their life, or reading a good book or comic.


Jonah is currently in his final year of mathematics undergraduate study at the University of Edinburgh. Just as he loves to explore the great outdoors of Scotland and his home in the Lake District, Jonah loves investigating the rich and exciting subject of mathematics, finding ways to solve logical puzzles, and discussing all things math. He is thrilled to be able to share this passion through the Global Math Circle and help guide others through a journey of mathematical discovery and collaboration.


Juan is an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Brazil. He did a PhD in Mathematics and a MSc in Mathematical Economics at Institute in Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) in Brazil and a Bachelor in Mathematics at the National University of Colombia. He is currently working on the connections among economics, finance, and mathematics. He believes in the enormous importance that mathematics and logical thinking has on the world. Through Global Math Circle's unique approach, he seeks to encourage little ones to discover the joy of mathematics.


Masaké was once nicknamed "Math-Saké" by a student, due to her enthusiasm for mathematics. She holds a B.A from Howard University and an M.A.T with a major in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She's completed several fellowships in mathematics and in education and when she it not teaching, she loves to travel. She's lived in or visited over 20 countries across 4 continents and she believes in learning and laughing without borders.


Michael enjoys both solving problems, learning new things, and exploring, in all aspects of life. Combine this with the understanding that supporting better ways to engage children in learning and understanding and being excited about math, and Michael is excited to be part of Global Math Circle. Michael’s background includes an engineering degree combined with decades of experience managing engineering projects and people working to find the best—not the only—solution to many problems. Michael’s other experiences and interests include startup businesses, community activities, making music, traveling, hiking, cycling, triathlons, landscaping, and home remodeling.


Michael is an EdTech professional with a background in Mathematics and IT. He is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Edutab Africa. As an educator, he is passionate about working with kids and Math in unlocking their interest in discovering the mysteries in Math. Through his expertise in Instructional Design, Michael has designed and developed face-to-face and e-learning resources and courses for learning institutions in Africa and beyond. He is also a Columbia University Fablern Fellow, working to create more opportunities for learners through maker spaces in community learning centers in the Western Kenya region. At Edutab Africa, his current work includes coordinating and overseeing various educational initiatives and projects.


Rafael is a mathematician and Magister in Mathematics from the National University of Colombia. He is a PhD candidate at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, and an expert in standardized inclusive and large-scale assessment. He has served as a teacher in several universities in Colombia, and has worked in government agencies for the evaluation of the quality of education. He firmly believes that anyone with the right guidance can achieve the highest educational standards.


Rishi is a board member for The Global Math Circle, and was instrumental in bringing our program into the 21st century. He has a degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, is the managing partner of SF Value Capital, founded in 2018, and is a software engineer at Google.


Taylor was lucky enough to have the Math Circle play a major role in his math learning as a young homeschooler, and he is delighted to have the chance to pass forward his joy and excitement for the subject through the Global Math Circle. He is a recent graduate of Carleton College, where he received a B.A. in Mathematics, although he identifies first and foremost as a student of the liberal arts. He is a life-long lover of learning, and his interests range from math to language to Tai chi to religion. He currently lives near Boston MA. In his free time he enjoys folk dancing, making up writing systems, playing music, and exploring algorithmic art.


Tifin works to ensure high quality circles among GMC leaders and strong thinking among circle participants. She trains leaders in math circle methodology, and is working to help school teachers use this methodology in their classrooms. Tifin has taught mathematics in the US, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Switzerland, and Brazil. She consulted in math programs around the world, in schools in Bangladesh, Switzerland, Italy, and Senegal, where she worked with teachers to help them teach mathematics in a way that challenges students to see mathematics as inspiring instead of intimidating. She developed curriculum for LearnZillion, an online educator support website, where she created engaging lessons that allow students to develop their own understanding of the concepts through creative thinking and problem solving. She worked for Project AERO, training international teachers from around the world in mathematics content and practice. In her spare time, Tifin enjoys traveling, long distance running, cycling, and hiking. She is a nomad and home is wherever she is at that moment.


Uri has always been fascinated by mathematical discovery and still vividly remembers the thrill and excitement of uncovering mathematical proofs during his younger years. Throughout his career, Uri has been focusing on using data analytics and building processes and tools to optimize and scale operations at companies such as McKinsey & Company, WeWork and Santa (a tech startup). Uri holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from Tel Aviv University and a Masters in Business Administration from New York University. In his free time Uri enjoys bouldering, snowboarding, solving brain teasers, DJing and composing music.


Wyatt's love of math was unlocked for the first time when he tagged along with his brother to a laid-back homeschool MATHCOUNTS team practice in 6th grade, and realized that learning the subject can be a joyful, freedom-filled, collaborative, and low-pressure experience. His passion for math soon led to tutoring, mentoring younger students at his local middle school math circle, becoming active in the Albany Area Math Circle, participating at national competitions, earning top 3 scores in New York on the AMC exams, and helping run the Stanford Math Tournament in college, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering and mechatronics. There are few things Wyatt loves more than passing on the joy of learning and discovery to others, and he spends his time tutoring and mentoring youngsters in STEM and writing from his home in Cleveland, Ohio. When he's not teaching, he's volunteering at the local bike co-op, learning woodworking, and working on open-hardware sustainable engineering projects.


Yiby is a Colombian mathematician with a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from Universidad de Los Andes. She currently does research in quantum algebra and works as a machine learning engineer. She loves teaching at every level and is convinced that what makes us love mathematics is the possibility to interact with them in an environment of freedom and creativity. We get to love math when we are able to discover and understand them by ourselves. Then is when the beauty of math surprises us.


Zack is a mathematician and math educator. His math research and PhD are in number theory, and his math education work aims to help more people experience the joys - and frustrations - of doing mathematics. He is particularly interested in using games and puzzles to practice mathematical thinking: making conjectures, finding counterexamples, and constructing proofs. He currently lives in Toronto, where you can find him gardening, cooking (foods from the garden), or reading (cookbooks, nature books, graphic novels and horror).