Privacy Policy in Plain English

By signing up, you are providing us with some personal data, including names, addresses, email addresses and payment details. We store these on secure servers managed by Google and will not share them with any third party except as is necessary for processing payments. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform for managing your personal information. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here.  We have no other advertising or marketing partners, and aim to ask only for information that is essential to providing our service.


We may also record our on-line classes, using the recording function of our video-meeting platform. This is for two purposes:

  1. to allow students who have missed a session to watch it later and remain up-to-date with the conversation; and

  2. to help train future class leaders.


Again, we hold these recordings on secure servers provided by Google. We do not attach any information to the recordings that would identify the participants. We do not share them with any third parties. If we wanted to show a class or section of a class to a wider audience for any reason (such as at an academic conference or as part of a video introduction to the Global Math Circle), we would ask for specific permission for that purpose.


We use class recordings in training future class leaders because the Global Math Circle technique is based fundamentally on conversational skills. Class leaders benefit from having lots of examples to help them perfect their ability to encourage discovery without imposing an agenda. It is the electronic equivalent of having a trainee teacher sitting in at the back of the class. All future class leaders who might see a class recording will have registered with us previously and had their identities confirmed. They will not see class recordings until after they have gone through the extensive written part of their training and have had one-to-one training from an existing class leader.


We hope that you will agree that this is a worthy use of class recordings. If, however, you wish to have the recording of a class that includes your child deleted from our servers, you can contact us and we shall do so.